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The first handsfree wireless controler
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The Human-Machine Interface

The industrial radio and wired remote systems are constantly evolving. This race for performance is improving the safety and efficiency researched by the users. Ironically, the shape of the remotes have not changed much since their invention, until now. The bulkiness of this cumbersome technology, whatever the selling price, is therefore one of its main drawbacks.

In response to these problems, Siatech have developed the first “hands-free” radio control for the industry, answering all of the security requirements. The ComHAND, as a new driving system, fixes all of the problems inherent to the “button box remote”. This ergonomic and intuitive radio control revolutionizes the MMI.

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This hands-free and wireless remote control at the forefront of innovation is suited for various industrial applications. Discreet, the ComHAND adapts to the user’s morphology for a safe, simple and efficient driving. The remote control communicates interactively with the receiver unit, preventing interferences. Up to 4 programmable buttons allow the users to customize the ComHAND according to their specific usage. With its low power consumption, the battery has a long battery life of 40 hours.

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Positioned on the wrist and finger, no more loss or breakage.



Safety is our principal objective. A double validation made by the driver is necessary before each movement of the machine. This double validation consists of a pressure on the ring button followed by the movement in the desired direction. Contrary to classic remote controls, the driver keeps his eyes on the load constantly, preventing accidents. The great range of the ComHAND also allows the user to stay away from the load during the whole operation.


With its 200 grams and 8 centimeters in length, the ComHAND isn’t as cumbersome as the classic remote controls, and lowers the risks of MSDs, while maintaining its sturdiness.


On top of its ergonomy, safety and simplicity, the ComHAND will improve your productivity by up to 20% in a classic scenario; by keeping the remote control on himself, the driver is faster in his actions. With the ring on the finger and the bracelet on the wrist, there’s also no more risks of losing or breaking by accident the remote.




Free Hands

While keeping the ComHAND on his wrist, the driver can use both hands to handle loads and can move away from the charge freely. 


With up to 4 programmable buttons, the ComHAND can be suited for any usage scenario in order to always improve safety and efficiency. Doing combined movements, allowing micro-impulsions, ensure that the user is using both hands to drive the machines more safely… If you have a particular case or you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.




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Cargo handling equipment

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He has a commercial training in addition to his engineering training at ESIGELEC. He manages the business development and the marketing at SIAtech.

Frédéric HAMAIN - CEO

He initiated the project. He has a mechatronic engineering training. He’s the head of the start-up and manages the financial aspect of SIAtech.

Nicolas IRIART - CTO

He has a mechatronic and robotic engineering training. He manages the technical aspect and the R&D of the start-up.



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